Padel Slavery

The great sport of padel could be an Olympic sport – but can’t because of ESTRELLA DAMM’s stranglehold on top players.

OPEN UP the sport to all! Join the campaign to kick out big businesses only interested in selling BEER! Free Padel for all!

Top padel payers are FORBIDDEN from playing in other tournaments by illegal restrictive contracts with ESTRELLA DAMM!

We need to free padel of the bad influence of ESTRELA DAMM – allow players to be free from slave contracts!

Let’s force Estrella Damm to release professional padel players from their unfair contracts. This will allow the sport to grow and flourish.

Let Players Play!

They will be able to play in new tournaments in new markets, bringing millions of new fans and players to the sport.

ESTRELLA DAMM – a hugely profitable beer maker – is holding padel by the balls! Treats top padel players like slaves.